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Because I am a Girl……

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I love the “Because I am a girl” media campaign.  It is a campaign based on the slogan that Girls’s Rights are Human Rights and works to empower girls to break the cycle of poverty that affects so many families. … Continue reading

He Should Have Known Better

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So Marc, aka, the husband, was mentioning to me the other day that I can no longer consider my hair colour as sandy blonde.  That’s right ladies….. he said my hair was grey. The police, of course, have ruled it … Continue reading

Life Made Me What Way?

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That’s right.  One day, a very very very long time ago, I was a perfectly normal person.  Then I was influenced by friends, by family and by life.  Life made me this way. Life threw some pretty whacked out stuff … Continue reading

The Difference Between Can’t and Shouldn’t

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When Jake was first born, I used to subscribe to Parenting magazine and I would scour the web to learn how Marc and I could become perfect parents.   Back then I thought there was something I could learn from … Continue reading

The Sleeping Dilemna

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    About 250 days ago, I turned 50.  It’s not so bad, getting older, but there are certainly adjustments that need to be made and realities that need to be accepted.  I try to be accepting, but some days … Continue reading

Reflecting on 2014

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On August 4th of this year, Ethan and I were returning from a back country canoe trip that offered both a chance to revitalize and to connect with nature.  Paddling along a small river, I noticed that the water was … Continue reading

Follow in Your Footsteps? Not a Chance!

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I have a dream.  My dream involves my children having such an immense respect for what I do that they want to follow in my prestigious footsteps.  I mean, who of right mind, would not want to share my life?  … Continue reading

The War on Christmas

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Adding a natural challenge to this year’s last minute Christmas rush – mother nature blanketed us with 2 inches of ice.  Power was out all across the grid -many folks burning candles and wrapped in quilts for an entire week … Continue reading

Don’t be Afraid to Ask….

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Kids are curious.  It is a natural thirst for knowledge that we will eventually beat out of them by answering good questions with “Because I said so” or “Stop asking so many questions”.  This natural curiosity has given me content … Continue reading

“F” Perfection

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I long to see a perfect world Where all life’s ailments are cured and we are all true to our word and the lines between right and wrong are not blurred. But what’s perfect for me is not perfect for … Continue reading