It was a beautiful day on Saturday.  That is, if you can call any day spent on the golf course beautiful.  Actually I guess it was a beautiful day, and the golf course was beautiful – but the golfing itself was anything but.

I like to golf.  I cannot say I love golf, because, aside from your husband, nothing that you love should reward you with endless frustrations.  But like a good marriage, golf can offer you a whole lot of happiness if you can find that golden nugget amidst the chaos that is life.  But Saturday was not about golf, as much as it was about getting together with friends and enjoying a few laughs.  I hope to evoke a few more laughs honouring that beautiful day on the course.

Lifemademethisway.com has had a short history, but one blog is a stand out for the readers.  A good author will take note of past success and build upon that success.  And so to appease my “I am an Idiot” fans, I am going to run with it.  God help my mother if she ever figures out how to use a computer.   She is going to think I have completely lost my mind – or at least wonder why my mind is so often in the gutter.  But for the sake of my readership, I hope you enjoy this second in my “I am an Idiot” series.

Yes, I truly am a golfing idiot.  I am not good.  I am not horrible.  I do not know a lot about golf, and I am sure that I frustrate the true golfers in my midst.  But I do know that golf is game of form and etiquette.  Sounds like a game any idiot can enjoy.  And let me tell you – I am not just any idiot.  I am a golfing idiot.

I recall taking a lesson from a golf pro who was impressed with the way I swung my club, but not so impressed with the trajectory of my golf balls.  “You are holding the shaft too tightly” says he.  Oh my, I thought.  Apparently what you need is a firm yet relaxed grip on the shaft.  Firm – to ensure the club does not slip out of your hand, which could be quite embarassing for all.  And relaxed – to ensure no injury occurs to your forearm.  As the pro stressed, the more strokes you take to complete the task, the more important this relaxed grip becomes.

Experts say that equally important to the grip is the length of the shaft.  Of course, a shaft too short will create many obvious problems that need no further explanation.   A shaft too long could lead to serious injuries, and lessen the enjoyment of the game.   Experts say that it is important to select not only the right length, but you should also be aware that not all shafts will respond the same way with all folks.  We need to select the shaft that works best of us.  We are individuals, and some of us will prefer a more flexible shaft, while others will prefer a rigid shaft.  The experts tell us that either choice can allow maximum enjoyment of the game, but it is important to choose the shaft that is best suited to the individual. For example, a more flexible shaft makes it easier to get the balls up in the air.  If you really need help getting it up, I suppose a more flexible shaft is key.  Given the advice from the experts, it sounds like one should be sure to sample several shafts before selecting the one that works best for you.

While I had the ear of the golf pro, I asked him about a new trend that began in the realm of golf many years ago – the oversized head.  I must say, having switched over several years back, that I prefer an oversized head.  I find I get a lot more enjoyment with an oversized driver, since it keeps me on course.   As with most good things, some people seem to take things a bit too far.  I did see one lady struggling with a club that was obviously just too big.  She had a lot of trouble with her swing, and I must say her stroke seemed a bit uncomfortable.  I really felt that she might gain some real benefit from a quick session with the pro.

Even if you are not a golfer, I am sure you have heard the term “threesome” and “foursome” associated with those who will share the course with you on your round.  The other day I asked my husband if he wanted to join Deb and myself as a threesome.  Now, I know Marc enjoys getting out golfing once in a while, but boy was he ever excited about joining us .  I am not sure what happened, but he seemed a little dejected when I then went to the garage to pull out our clubs.  I figured maybe he was bummed out because he would have to listen to us gals gab for 18 holes.  So, I suggested that maybe we could invite John along to make it a foursome.  Well, that brought  a sort of silly grin to his face.  It almost seemed like we were having 2 different conversations.   I guess I will never figure men out!

Golf does seem to have a language of its own at times.   I heard some girls giggling when the group heading to the 18th tee made some comment about “driving it home”.  I saw some guy drive his cart right into the sand trap when one of the gals in front of us whooped it up in celebration of a great stroke.   I watched one guy pull out a driver with a head so large all I could say was “OUCH”.  I feel like I am just now getting into the swing of things, and alas I am reaching the end of this post.  I wish you all a great day of the course.  May your grip be firm, your shaft be rigid and may you find the head that best fits your game.








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  1. Hey Crystal,
    As usual you didn’t disappoint your readers. Your right, better late than never.
    Take care, enjoy the rest of the summer; see you on the courts in September.

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