The Journey from New to…….. Obsolete

It was a proud moment.  It was a fleeting moment.  I must be getting old.

We were very happy with the purchase of our brand new Sony SLR digital camera.  It was a masterpiece of technology.   Being the responsible owners and significantly lighter in the pocket, we were going to take very good care of our new baby.  We knew it was going to last us a long, long time.   We had images to capture of our growing children, our insane pets, our wondrous travels, our renovation projects, our fine collection of caught fish and our sports accolades.  We would be able to download, upload, share, and oogle our pics for years to come.

My old pre-digital age dinosaur of a camera was also a Sony and it travelled with my through 19 countries on 3 continents.  It was a constant and trusted companion.  It had a long and colorful life right up until it fell off the roof of a mud hut in Dionobougou, in Mali Africa.   It was fortunate that I could somehow  manage to put the thing back together again and baby it through the rest of my fabulous trip through Africa.  And, if the thing had not suffered such a dying blow, I could still walk into a photo shop and purchase film, get this film developed and created a scrap book to show off my photographic talents.  Not to say that I want to go back to those days.  I love this new technology where, for no extra cost, I can snap off 1000 clicks hoping to capture that one great shot – with no development costs.  I do miss those anxious moments when we used to await the development of a film, sometimes months after the first picture was shot, hoping that the one special picture actually turned out the way you wanted.  But I prefer the instant gratification of knowing I got a good shot while I still have the opportunity for a retake.

I loved my old camera.  I love our new camera.  New!  It is now about 7 years old.  And it still works like new, still looks like new.  The pictures, snapped at random and without restraint, are saved on a memory card that we used to just plug into our computer for instant downloads. It was so easy on the good old days – a few months back.

And then….. our old computer died.

Our new computer does not have a slot that takes this now massive storage card that accompanies our camera.  Crap.  Bill Gates has standardized what I will call death by progress.  Objects now become obsolete long before they become non-working.  We know that every time we buy anything driven by technology, we are buying products that are out of date even before they hit the shelves.  We have created a throw away society that looks not to longevity or quality as these qualities are actually frowned upn by todays tech savvy buyers.  Who needs that iPhone to last more than a year or so, because we want the new one when it will come out in just a years time.  We judge people not by their strengths and weaknesses, but by what phone they carry.  (Can you believe poor Jenny – she actually has a flip phone.)  No cool kids carry Blackberry Bold, the LG, or even the iPhone 3.   Only a dweeb would carry around an iPad after the mini came out.   I heard a gang of kids talking about beating the crap out of another kid becasue he was still on dial up.  Hmmmm.

And so… family and I just returned from a really great trip to Washington.  We took loads of pictures.  Great pictures!  Perhaps even award winning pictures!  I would love to share some of these pictures with you right now.  But alas, I cannot.  That 7 year old SD card is obsolete.  It is no longer supported by new technology.  And rather than asking why we cannot just keep this technology alive, we as a people ask why I would want to keep such an old camera.  Get a new one, a better one, a smaller one.

BUT I DON’T NEED A NEW CAMERA.  Mine is working great.  It feels like an old friend in my hand.  I like it.  It is deemed obsolete because we have allowed Bill Gates and the sellers of technology to alter our natural common sense.  We have become puppets to the large sellers of technology and slaves to the system they created.  I want it to stop.  I want control over my needs.  I want to download my pictures.

I cannot change the tides.  I like my new gadgets as much as I like my old gadgets.  When I get a new computer, I expect it to be miles better than my last one.  I never want to go back to dial up.  I love my tablet.  I need my Blackberry.  When my iPod was stolen I did think about how great it would be to get a newer one.

And so…. can anyone recommend a great camera to me.  Looks like I need to go shopping.  I gotta get me one of these beauties.

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