“F” Perfection

I long to see a perfect world

Where all life’s ailments are cured

and we are all true to our word

and the lines between right and wrong are not blurred.

But what’s perfect for me is not perfect for you.

We all subscribe to our own point of view.

It’s true.  And truth is elusive.

I long for elimination of discrimination.

But for some a nation of one race

without a trace of color is their utopian place.

My world has colour and balance and grace.

My world is a cornucopia of acceptance.

But some reject my views to accept.

Does that make them stupid or inept?

Does that mean there must be secrets kept

close to the heart?

Truth is elusive .

My world is without judgement,

But how then can I judge those who subscribe

to a different tribe?

It’s hard to describe.  We all should survive

with our liberties intact.

In fact, perfection is a myth.

 It should not be believed.  We should be somewhat relieved

that perfection cannot be achieved.

Truth is elusive.

My world has lovers, gay or straight

With no one having to deny a mate

Because others feel the need to berate


My world sees everyone clothed and fed

with a warm safe place to lie your head.

My world has children going to classes

Boys and girls join in the masses

walking to the schoolyard.  Fantastic.

My world has equal access to health

Independent of material wealth.

My world is based on equality

Where we can be all we can be.

My world is peaceful, without stress

Days balanced with work and play and rest.

So blessed.

My world is perfect, my world can’t exist.

“F” perfection – it’s a myth.


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