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THE YIN AND YANG OF A GOLFING IDIOT It was a beautiful day on Saturday.  That is, if you can call any day spent on the golf course beautiful.  Actually I guess it was a beautiful day, and the golf … Continue reading

The 9-11 Spending Challenge

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I recall the day vividly.  At the office we followed the tragic events of the day as the Twin Towers fell.  Believe it or not, we were glued to the coverage offered, not by CNN or ABC, but by Howard … Continue reading

What not to do at a border crossing!!

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I have a real good story to tell.  We could consider it one of the stories with a life lesson. In the reading of this most interesting of tales,  I ask that you look to see if there is anything … Continue reading

The Arnholz/Poling/Cranch Debate

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We are products of our environment.  My environment appears to have been pretty f’d up.  My Mom was a Poling, my Dad an Arnholz. The Polings were a bit more intellectual, a bit more refined and a bit more boring.  … Continue reading

FLATULATION – An analysis between men and women

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If you read and enjoyed my I am an Idiot post, I hope this one will follow suit. In this post I am going to try my best to offer a woman’s view on the basic differences between men and … Continue reading

Merry Merry, Quite Contrary

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And so the season is pretty much upon us.  Contrary to my first post, I think I am also ready for Santa to come a visiting. I have been real good this year.  Well, sort of.  Certainly I have not … Continue reading

Photo Radar – LMFAO

We all have good stories.  Some stories are made better by the manner of telling them.  Some stories are just good on their own.  Some require a bit of embellishment to really catch the attention of the listener.  I am … Continue reading

Mom, what was it like when you were a kid?

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BEDTIME, says I. And so begins the nightly ritual of tucking my little angels into their little beds, whispering my ‘I Love You’s’, offering a good night kiss and — Right!  ….. Let me start again.  And so begins the … Continue reading

Don’t sweat the Petty Stuff

Today was another day on the road.  With two boys playing hockey, we do seem to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. I was on the way home from a hockey clinic with my oldest son.  We were … Continue reading

I am an IDIOT!

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Don’t let the title throw you off too much.  Please feel free to reply and tell me that I am mistaken – actually sheer genius is a far more apt description.  Freaking genius. But alas, I am an idiot on … Continue reading